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Brian was raised in Idaho and has always had a deep love for both the outdoors and helping others. Brian grew up spending time outdoors and loves fly fishing, backpacking, camping and bicycling. After graduating from Boise State University and acting as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters, Brian decided to start a program to give the youth of Boise the opportunity to experience the outdoors as he has through his life.  Through Direction Through Solitude, Brian is blessed to have the opportunity to pass on experiences and life lessons to our young generation through spending time in the outdoors.


Kevon was born and raised in Idaho, also spending a large amount of time in the outdoors.  He is the co-founder of Direction Through Solitude, Inc., and takes part in all of our outings.  Kevon is currently studying English at Boise State University and preparing for a year long adventure to Australia.  Kevon loves fly fishing, backpacking, cycling and anything else in the outdoors.  Kevon acts as a positive role model to everyone around him, and also has a strong passion to help others.  Kevon is motivated to share his passions with others and help them find direction in their own lives through spending time outdoors. He always has fun seeing kids with tight lines and fish in the net!


Peyton was born and raised in a small town just outside of Spokane, WA. She now calls the Boise area home and loves exploring this great state. Peyton has fond memories of catching steelhead with her dad at a young age, as well as going out camping with her family. Peyton loves fly fishing, camping, and hiking. She is also passionate about helping our youth. She has experience as a young life leader, acting as a mentor to high school aged kids. Peyton is an example of how women are, and will continue to be, leaders in fly fishing and the outdoors.


Kurt was raised in LaGrande Oregon and spent much of his time growing up in the outdoors. Kurt is currently going to college in Walla Walla, WA.  After earning a degree in Watershed Ecology Kurt plans on transferring to the University of Idaho to study Fisheries. He enjoys fly fishing, waterfowl hunting, and big game hunting.  Waterfowl hunting is Kurt’s passion and over the last few years he has been fortunate enough to take some kids out on some pretty special youth waterfowl hunts. Kurt loves getting the younger generations out into the wild to expose them to the outdoors. Kurt is passionate in both teaching the young generation skills specific to these lifestyles, and also in teaching them conservation to preserve the future of our environment. Kurt believes that “When taking a kid out into the wild, it won’t lead to overpopulation of these lifestyles, but will actually help keep these wonderful lifestyles of ours alive, and create leaders for the future of our wild lands.”

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